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We’ve simplified our research into a series of stories that convey key and unique outcomes.

Changing Distributions of London’s Ethnic Minority Communities
We usually find out about the changing ethnic composition of London’s neighbourhoods (and those of other places) using Census of
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Why some retail centres out perform others
New research by the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) uses a number of indicators to determine how retail centres across
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The Great British Geography of Internet Use and Engagement
The Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) have developed a unique classification to determine how people living in Great Britain interact
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The UK’s Broadband hotspots and notspots mapped
Based on Ofcom data we've mapped and identified unique trends in broadband speeds across the UK.
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Why Great Britain’s rural areas may not be as healthy as we think
We've unlocked some interesting features of neighborhoods that impact health across the whole of Great Britain.
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New data reveal substantial neighbourhood changes since the last census
Our research has found unprecedented levels of neighbourhood change in almost every city centre neighbourhood.
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